MFMU-North Lincoln County Chapter

Montanans for Multiple Use-North Lincoln County Chapter believes that the National Forest is only managed by the US Forest Service, not owned. It is a forest that should be open for use by all responsible recreationalists. Not just the elitists.

 “Working to Preserve Access to Public Lands”

Extremist environmental groups across the United States currently employ an army of individuals whose sole purpose is to lock American citizens out of their own public lands.  These groups are well funded, and spend a great deal of time and money lobbying Senators, Congressmen, and federal agencies such as the United States Forest Service, to pass legislation and implement land management policies that would further restrict access and use of America’s public lands.

In the past 30 years these groups have utilized these lobbying efforts in combination with the legal system to successfully reduce access to public lands, and handicap federal agencies ability to manage public lands.  These efforts have led to the near demise of the timber industry across the western United States, and the severe reduction of other resource extraction and land use based industries such as mining and grazing.

The loss of industry and jobs resulting from these policies has strangled many rural economies throughout the western United States.  Many rural economies such as Lincoln County Montana Ignite the forest_Home Pageare now highly dependent on income related to the tourism and recreation industry such as; camping, boating, fishing/hunting, and mechanized or motorized recreation such as mountain biking and snowmobiling.  A continued reduction of access to federal lands, (76% of Lincoln County is National Forest Land), will jeopardize these activities, and the jobs that are associated with them.

Montanan’s for Multiple Use (MFMU), and a handful of other groups are the only thing currently standing between the environmental groups and their ultimate goal of more restrictive public land management policies.  MFMU supports SCIENCE based MULTIPLE USE land management policies.  We do not advocate clearcutting the whole forest, but we do not want to see it burn up either.  We value wilderness and the unique recreational experience that can be found in those lands, but we believe that northwestern Montana currently has enough wilderness to satisfy both the demand and need for such areas.

 If you also support Science based Multiple Use public land management policies, please join MFMU in fighting to keep our public lands open to ours and future generations.

 How can you help?

  1. Become a Member-Joining MFMU will provide us with your contact information in case we need to contact you to help us oppose or support public land management policies.
  2.  Get Involved-Attend MFMU meetings and help us actively oppose or support proposed public land management policies