Our Mission

Our mission:

  • Is to provide equal recreation opportunities to all responsible Recreationalists.
  • Provide recreational opportunities in and around Western Montana.
  • To preserve access to public lands in and around Western Montana, and to improve the social and economic climate in our community.

How we accomplish our mission:

  • Member volunteers attend meetings which concern the management of access, and natural resources present on public lands.
  • Member volunteers write recommendations for public land management policies which represent the views of MFMU members.
  • Member volunteers work with Federal, State, and County agencies responsible for managing public lands to provide input on how access, recreation, and resources are managed on those lands.
  • Member volunteers work with other organizations such as; other chapters of Montanans for Multiple Use, Citizens for Balanced Use, The American Lands Council, The Blue Ribbon Coalition, Montana Logging Association, Society of American Foresters, Montana Snowmobile Association, Backcountry Sled Patriots, Backcountry Horsemen, and the Montana Mountain Bike Alliance, who have goals relative to public land management that are similar to MFMUs.
  • Member volunteers work with state and federal legislatures to influence legislation and policy governing public land management.
  • Member volunteers make efforts to educate the citizens of our community about current and proposed public land management policies.
  • Member volunteers conduct research into the laws currently used to manage access to public lands, and the resources contained on those lands.
  • MFMU-NLCC makes charitable contributions which we believe will improve the social climate of our community.
  • Member volunteers conduct fundraisers to finance the efforts required to achieve our mission.